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~Natural remedies for the mind and body~


HMA certified Homeopath

JPHMA certified Homeopath

JPHF certified Inner Child Therapist

Take a glance at your physical and inner troubles.

Common things such as frequent headaches, allergies, chronic illnesses, irregular
menstruation, depression or anxiety, could mean your mind and body may be out of balance.

If you suffer from these or would like to undertake natural treatments, homeopathy could be for you.



Maika Mossaheb


I am a Japanese National married to an English man. After our relocation to the UK from Japan I began a formal study of homeopathy, a subject that I had become interested in, and graduated from the London Branch of the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy, now known as the College of Holistic Homoeopathy. I am a registered practitioner with The Homeopathic Medical Association of the United Kingdom (HMA) and with the Japan Homoeopathic Medical Association(JPHMA). I also completed the Inner Child Course of the College of Holistic Homoeopathy Japan and am a registered practitioner of the Japanese Homoeopathic Foundation (JPHF) as an inner child therapist.

I have treated many clients and family members for colds, influenza, hay fever, atopic eczema, skin disease, wart, gout and post cancer surgery recovery.

I keep abreast of new developments in homeopathy and have attended various seminars and workshops given by such eminent practitioners as Dr Torako Yui (Japan), Dr Prasanta Banerji and Dr Partip Banerji (India) and Mr E. Stoteler (Holland) in Germany, Holland, India and Japan.

About Homeopathy

Homeopathy was established by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann about 200 years ago.
Its use is now widespread in several major European countries, South America, South Africa, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Homeopathic remedies (in the form of sugar pills or liquid) work by helping the body to use its own healing ability. The restoration of a state of equilibrium in body and mind leads to good health. The remedies are extracted from plants, animals and minerals. They are made more effective by a series of dilutions. They carry no side effect and can be used across all age groups, in particular for pregnant women, babies and old people. The remedies work on both body and mind. Their use covers an extensive range from first aid to the treatment of common or acute illnesses.

While no guarantees can be given that homeopathy cures all diseases, it should, nevertheless, be considered as a valid method in planning a patient’s programme of treatment.


In order to ascertain the individual’s whole profile, the consultation process is extremely important.
In homeopathy, in order to look at current and previous physical and mental symptoms from various angles, the first consultation is slightly longer. During the consultation, apart from current ailments, we will predominantly analyze your medical history, previous medications and family medical history.
Any repressed emotional traumas, other unresolved illnesses, and long-term usage of medicine could be preventing your complete recovery.


Get in touch

Please contact me by e-mail here.



First time patients will receive a waiver form and questionnaire by mail or e-mail.
Please complete and return, by mail or email, the questionnaire by the day before the appointment.
Please bring the signed waiver form with you to the appointment. Patients without this waiver form cannot be seen.Those who have requested a Skype appointment must send the waiver form prior to the appointment.



The first consultation will last approximately 1 – 2 hours. We will discuss your history and previous and present ailments based on the questionnaire, and then choose the most appropriate remedy for you.



Remedies will be sent within 3-4 business days by 1st class mail within the U.K. and by air mail for those living abroad. Alternatively, remedies can be collected from the clinic.


Following appointments

Follow-up appointments are usually scheduled for after about 4 weeks. Another consultation is conducted, focusing on your current state and any changes which may have occurred.In order to accommodate changes and improvements,
a minimum of three sessions is recommended.

Consultation Fee

Face to face ・ Skype

First Consultation
Adult £70
Child (up to 12)£50
Follow up
Adult £50
Child (up to 12)£40

First aid

£20 (Adult ・Child)
Acute symptom only
(such as cold, fever, Flu, Bruise, etc.)
※Remedy fee
・Standard pill and liquid remedies are £5 each bottle.
・Herbal tinctures incur an additional charge of£12.25~£19 per bottle.
・Remedies can be posted to addresses outside the UK. Air mail charges apply.
※Cancellation policy
Appointments can be cancelled or changed free of charge if 48 hours advance notice is given.
Cancellation the day before the appointment is chargeable at 50% and at 100% on the appointment date.


Opening Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00~18:00
(Last appointment: 16:00)
Saturday 10:00~17:00
(Last appointment: 15:00)
By appointment only
Wednesday, Sunday, National/Bank Holidays
Please get in contact here.
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